About Us

Who We Are

A friend needed help to fight for what’s right. PRV’s founder partnered with a friend who required help covering living expenses while pursuing a legal claim. The case, while strong, was going to take much longer to settle than originally anticipated.

The friend faced the possibility of having to take an early settlement offer and forego the prospect of a greater award. The funds were provided and the outcome was a resounding financial success – due in part to the ability to fight the case to its logical conclusion.

For the past two decades, PRV Asset Management has provided clients the opportunity to fight for what is right. Attorneys will have more time and a greater possibility to negotiate the best possible settlement. It is a smart way to help clients stand up for what is rightfully theirs

Our Ethics

PRV Asset Management adheres to strict professionalism and ethical standards. We respect your relationship with your client and do not desire to interfere or be involved.

  • We obtain written acknowledgement from the client’s attorney before funding their case.
  • Our transaction with the client constitutes the entire agreement between us and the client.
  • We do not interfere or participate in the client’s litigation and/or attempt to influence the client’s litigation.
  • We will not intentionally advance the client funds in excess of his/her needs at the time the advance is made, nor will we intentionally over-fund a case in relation to its perceived value at the time of such advance.
  • We do not advertise false or intentionally misleading information.
  • We will not offer or pay commissions or referral fees to any attorney or employee of a law firm for referring a client.